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Looking for a WordPress Designer

You may have noticed that our WordPress template has changed. We’ve been having an internal battle over style, where the main sticking point is the header—-some of us like the picture of CAT5 cables, which represent our New York metro … Continue reading

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Bring it on Irene – Disaster Recovery Prep @ AppNexus

If you were anywhere near New York on Friday, you heard that we were predicted to get slammed by flooding, 80 mph winds, and anything else a category 2 hurricane could throw at us. Irene turned out to be less … Continue reading

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Understanding Javascript’s “this” Keyword

Here’s how I explain this to people: this is a variable. It points to the object which is applied to the function. There’s nothing innately magical, scary, or confusing about this — it’s a feature, after all. I’m going to … Continue reading

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How to Have a Successful Hackathon

If your company is anything like AppNexus, your engineers are heads down solving your tough business problems. There might not be as much time as they’d like to work on a really interesting problem that isn’t urgent or that kooky … Continue reading

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Behind the Screens: The Making of Campaign Monitor

Today we’re excited to announce the release of a new UI feature we call Campaign Monitor. The process that brought us here began at LUXr with a simple idea: users who manage campaigns in our interface need a tool that … Continue reading

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