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You may have noticed that our WordPress template has changed. We’ve been having an internal battle over style, where the main sticking point is the header—-some of us like the picture of CAT5 cables, which represent our New York metro datacenter, and others think pictures waste space that could contain valuable information. We also have contention over the color of the links, fonts, text size and whether it looks way too 1990s to have a shadow around our pulled quote text.

The one thing we all agreed on was that we’d rather have black text on white background. We initially chose the reverse text because it looked more aesthetically pleasing, but in daily life it really is difficult to read. (Plus here’s a pretty good summary of research on text colors and readability. OK, OK, we’re sorry.)

One of our developers disliked our theme so much he made his own, and as we’re a collaborative group we’ve thrown it up there. It’s not perfect, and the original font was something that looks like comic sans

but none of us have the time it takes to really nail a great theme. We are now looking for a professional. If you’re interested, contact me at ejohnson [at] appnexus [dot] com). Until then we hope this is readable enough.

Got favorite themes? Examples of lean layouts? Input on why so many developers use white text on black background? Tell us in the comments.

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