PyData 2012: Rapid Iteration With Python — Scaling AppNexus

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At PyData NYC, Dave Himrod and Steve Kannan, respectively our Director and our Engineering Manager of Optimization and Analytics*, delivered the keynote presentation, sharing best practices and lessons learned when iterating and scaling with Python.

Unlike other more complicated programming languages, Python’s versatility allows their team to use it both for offline analytical tasks as well as production system development.¬†They dove into the benefits of rapid prototyping and the importance of tightly integrating research with production. In their presentation, they explored specific tools including Pandas, numpy, and ipython and how they have enabled us to quickly data-mine across disparate data sources, explore new algorithms, and rapidly bring new processes into production.

Lucky for us, the presentation was recorded. Enjoy!

*Affectionately referred to as OCT: Optimization Crack Team.



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