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AppNexus is today’s most powerful, open, and customizable ad tech platform. Advertising’s largest and most innovative companies build their businesses on AppNexus.

About this Blog

AppNexus is an online advertising platform in New York City that has grown from a start-up into a thriving industry leader. We’re a technology company, created and nurtured by a bunch of people who like to deal with nitty gritty technical problems, systemic engineering problems, and everything in between. We’re excited about online advertising both because it funds the web and because it provides some of the biggest challenges in scaling: every day we handle billions requests and process over 120 TB of data - all with 24/7 uptime - and we’re constantly constructing new ways of dealing with ever higher numbers.

The writers on this blog are mostly engineers and user experience designers with a few product, support, and other people mixed in. We work on RESTful APIs, UIs, big data, streaming data, multi-threaded event driven low latency ad request processing, real-time bidding, massive scale, and bidding and yield management systems that look a bit like financial trading systems. We landed at AppNexus because we wanted to learn more than we were learning at our old jobs, or we got frustrated with large, rigid companies, or we’re getting experience so we can run our own start-ups some day. The goal of the blog is to talk to other engineers and technophiles about the weird and interesting things we’re doing or thinking about, the techniques we use to solve performance and latency issues, and the tools that make our lives easier.

Also, we’re growing like mad and hiring. If we sound like great people to work with, visit our careers page for more information! Or email us at jobs [at] appnexus [dot] com and mention this blog.