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Software Transactional Memory is Simple

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Another installment of our ongoing series of tech talks has just hit the youtubes. Paul Khuong, previously of this fame, brings us “Software Transactional Memory is Simple” which takes us into the innards of the AppNexus real time platform and how we do configuration data updates in such a low latency environment.

AppNexus’ real-time adserving stack is built on non-blocking concurrency control, which is how we achieve sub 1% timeout rates. In practice, it’s easy to misuse these techniques, which can result in crashes or angry clients. In this tech talk AppNexus Principal Engineer Paul Khuong talks about software transactional memory, how to implement it (simply), and learn about the specialized non-blocking STM we use here at AppNexus. Sign up to our MeetUp group to stay up to date with upcoming tech talks: