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K-ary heapsort: more comparisons, less memory traffic

The impetus for this post was a max heap routine I had to write because libc, unlike the STL, does not support incremental or even partial sorting. After staring at the standard implicit binary heap for a while, I realised … Continue reading

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Enable Your Python Developers by Making “Code Investments”

Enable Your Python Developers by Making “Code Investments” Note: portions of this post appeared on my personal blog under the title “Supercharge Your Python Developers“ I think it’s safe to say that a project’s inception is the best, indeed perhaps … Continue reading

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Hash Set versus Dense Hash

During the development of the Concurrency Kit hash set and hash table, detailed microbenchmarks were used to measure latency and variability of various operations in relation to various open-source hash table implementations. For read-mostly workloads, the implementation was at least … Continue reading

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AppNexus Engineering@Scale: Writing High Integrity JavaScript

The latest AppNexus Engineering@Scale talk comes to you from Portland, where AppNexus just purchased 10,000 square feet of downtown office space. AppNexus has been aggressively growing its Portland presence and can’t wait to move in to their downtown office. In … Continue reading

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AppNexus Engineering@Scale: Building and Scaling a Test-Driven Culture

AppNexus recently had Daniel “dB” Doubrovkine in the house as a part of our Engineering@Scale speaker series to talk to us about building and scaling a test-driven culture. dB is the head of engineering at Artsy, a New York City-based … Continue reading

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