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Enable Your Python Developers by Making “Code Investments”

Enable Your Python Developers by Making “Code Investments” Note: portions of this post appeared on my personal blog under the title “Supercharge Your Python Developers“ I think it’s safe to say that a project’s inception is the best, indeed perhaps … Continue reading

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API Rearchitecture Series – The Juicy Details

In the previous post, my esteemed colleague and sometimes friend wrote about an epic quest that the API team is undertaking. I wanted to take a few moments to explain some problems we have had in our current system, what … Continue reading

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AppNexus Engineering@Scale: Building & Shipping a Scalable Product

Few people are more familiar with website scalability problems than Theo Schlossnagle. Not only is Theo the founder and CEO of OmniTI, he is also the author of Scalable Internet Architectures, a book that draws on his 15 years of … Continue reading

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Nonblocking Algorithms and Scalable Multicore Programming

Some weeks ago I was invited to write an article and help design a practitioner section for an upcoming CACM on concurrency. Some of the articles are now available online at: Articles: “Nonblocking Algorithms and Scalable Multicore Programming” … Continue reading

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Testing in Python: using nose & mocks

Here on the AppNexus Optimization team, we write code to optimize algorithms for our customers. We want to write good great code, so of course we test our code. We write and unit test our code in Python and run … Continue reading

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