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2013-09-17 Outage Postmortem

On September 17, 2013 starting at 17:54 UTC (1:54 PM America/New_York) the AppNexus platform experienced a technical failure that initially fully halted ad serving and later partially degraded ad serving with the entire incident lasting approximately two and a half … Continue reading

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Bug Chase: an adventure in abstraction layer peeling

I suppose every software engineer accumulates a few stories about unusually elusive bugs. These stories are fun to reminisce about because, often, there’s a perfect set of circumstances that led to the perfect bug. One of my projects while interning … Continue reading

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PyData 2012: Rapid Iteration With Python — Scaling AppNexus

At PyData NYC, Dave Himrod and Steve Kannan, respectively our Director and our Engineering Manager of Optimization and Analytics*, delivered the keynote presentation, sharing best practices and lessons learned when iterating and scaling with Python. Unlike other more complicated programming … Continue reading

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Surge 2012: Mike Nolet presents “From Zero to 500k QPS in Three Years: Scaling AppNexus”

By popular request, a recording of CTO & Co-Founder Mike Nolet’s presentation at Surge 2012 is finally available! For those who don’t want to dig through thousands of cat videos to find it, we’ve posted it here for your convenience. … Continue reading

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Ad-ing Value: How to value tens of millions of ad opportunities per hour

[Editor’s note: Be sure to catch Steve presenting “Rapid Iteration with Python: Scaling AppNexus” with Dave Himrod at PyData NYC on October 26, 2012] AppNexus serves nearly 10 billion ads per day. On average our ad servers serve over 100k … Continue reading

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